Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tailwind Promotions 24 hour xc race



Almost 2 years ago I did an event known as the Insomnia 24 Hour. It was another mud-fest. Little did I know that this event was the start of a very big change in direction for me.
I met the woman of my dreams. Timing was perfect, location was perfect, the woman was and still is the perfect woman for me.
What does this have to do with the 24 hour race that starts in a few days?
As most of you that have read my blog will understand, I ride my bike by myself, for myself. This weekends race I am riding in celebration of the day I met my life partner. 
I picked up another card... (read here for explanation
...Just when I thought self motivation was enough, I found that with the love and support of another person, so much more motivation and energy is possible. 
Kirstie will be riding her bike, for herself just as she was doing the first time we met.

Merida 24 hour race report to follow in the next few days.

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