Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Back to Front Report (Tailwind Super Series)


Lots of racing can mean lots of race reports. Generally they start out with "The lead up to this race wasn't the best..." following on with "I started the first few laps too fast, but then settled in..." moving onto "I passed him, she passed me, the track was good, bad, ugly..." You are all getting the picture here.

I am a couple of races behind so here it is back to front. Tailwind Super Series

10. The three amigos at the end of race 2. These are also the top 3 series points holders for the Single Speed category.

9. Race 2 saw lots and lots of mud, sticky mud, sloppy mud. I even saw the bottom half of someones derailleur in the middle of the trail.

8. A good friend of mine and a very tough single speed competitor Al Cook and I spent the first half of the race attacking each other. I was in front when I got a flat. Grateful I had tubeless tyres I was able to pump it up a few times & make it home. Al passed me in the pits when I was getting it fixed. He then got 'flat legs' surprisingly I caught up very quickly and didn't see him until the end of the race.

This always only makes Al more determined next race. Damn! that's Race 3 the Merida 24 hour. Now that is going to be some serious pain.

7. Pre riding the Race 2 track was very valuable. I was able to pick the right front tyre, the right single speed ratio to use on my Koiled SS. Most importantly, I was able to plan the start of my race. Most of the mud was in the very first 5 minutes of the race. My start plan was to be right up the front to make sure I had a first good lap time. I shared this information with Al and a few others. This proved to be a very good decision.

6... more to follow soon...


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