Thursday, May 19, 2011

Race Report Merida 24hour



During the dark hours of the night a rider came up to me on the trails 
and started saying "he has gone to bed, the next rider is however far 
behind...etc" I politely said "I don't race anyone else except for myself"

I don't set my goals based on someone else's performance. 
Especially in 24 hour racing.

One incident saw me being a lot less polite. A tard over took me on 
fire trail then proceeded to chop my front wheel rubbing rubber on rubber! 
He felt he was in the right because he told me he was overtaking. 
Well let me set you straight muppet! You were in the wrong! 

I make no apologies for my barking and growling abuse. You deserved it. 

My goal was to punch out 330kms in the 24 hours. I achieved 325 in 22 1/2 hours.

You will read lots of lap by lap reports on this race because there 
were plenty of laps done out there.

Here are some of the decisions that made my race so successful.

1. Lots of calories: I know when my legs start getting even the 
slightest calorie deficiency. I avoided this feeling all race.

2. A well set up Bike: Shannon at Koiled has built me the most amazing,
custom, Titanium, Single Speed. On Shannon's advice, I am more stretched out.
This saved my back & shoulders.

3. Do it before you need it: I fitted my batteries, leg warmers, put on my merino long sleeve undershirt and ate a burger in about 5 minutes. I did all this about an hour before necessary. I put my warm, dry gear on before I got cold.

4. Stick with day time lines: I experimented with smooth flowing lines during the day and stuck with the good ones all night.

5. Hydration: I managed to catch up on hydration during the night in preparation for the 6 hours of sun at the end of the race.

7. Do it before you need to: As the sun started to rise I took off my sweaty jersey and undershirt. I put on a clean dry jersey. Left my leg warmers on.

8. Motivation: Find it and stick with it...

There are a few other good decisions I made during this race. I won't tell all today. You can always catch up with me at a race. Those that have met me at races or on the trails will tell you that I am willing to share what I know.

Until next time, no excuses, just keep pedalling. Love dog.


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Graham said...

Thanks for the lap time mate. Well done again with another gutsy effort. See you at the 8 hour.