Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lost Dog (Reward when found)

So, it would appear that forcing my way into the 28 days isn't working. I am now really paying for not staying off my bike while being really sick. That's ok, it gives me something to work towards again.

At the moment I am playing '52 pick-up'. If you don't know what 52 pick-up is. This is a game where someone has in their hands a neat, organised deck of cards (my life) they then throw this neat & organised deck of cards of a high, windy cliff face & yells, "52 pick-up!"

The wonderful thing that is coming out of being a lost dog & playing 52 pick-up is it is a great time to put the deck of cards back in the order I want them. I might even choose not to pick up some of the cards because they no longer belong in the deck.

So far only one or two of the cards that lead to the lost dog have been found. What an awesome adventure!


TR said...

Head up dog.
Give us a ring if you need to get out of the house.
Plenty of good food and wine to share.

Trickle said...


fly and I will be back on bikes this week, look us up if you want someone to hurt for the fun of it!