Sunday, February 6, 2011

LunarC 8 hour MTB.

Job's Done! 

Photo below is of Mark (Left) Dog (other) after 8 hours of smashing it out on our single speeds. Mark is a good mate & work buddy. Better described as an endurance, hard-man. Both endurance mtb racing & Ironman Triathlons

A Big "Thank You" to James from Photo Events

This was my first of many enduros for the year.

I showed up on my new ride. A custom, titanium, single speed, full rigid, 29er. More easily described as a 'sexy work of art'

I popped an 18 tooth cog on the rear & a 32 up front. This was too big a gear for this course. First lesson of the season. If you're going to ride SS this season then pre-riding the course is essential.

The chain line was out a little on the bike. This resulted in the new chain that stretched a little falling off about 2 or 3 times per lap for most laps.

A Big "Thank You" to James from Photo Events

That aside, the bike is easily the sweetest mtb I have ever owned/ridden! It looks good. It is custom made to fit me & it is very fast! If you want something similar ask Shannon. He will build you one.

Nearly 130kms in the 8 hours. This gave me a 3rd in the SS category & 6th in overall solo.

My Ay Up lights with the latest upgrades work beautifully. They are customised too! You can check those options out here... These lights have never let me down. They have always provided me with all the light I need to train & race.

Again, Infinit nutrition was the base for my race nutrition. Customised too! This stuff really works.

What did I enjoy most about this event?

1. I saw my mate Ky have the best race yet. He has been training with Boom Time Boothy. That being said, Ky has had to do the hard work himself. Ky was pedalling smooth, no gravel rash, most importantly he looked comfortable on his bike. Even after 7 hours!!

A Big "Thank You" to James from Photo Events

A Big "Thank You" to James from Photo Events
2. Another inspirational ride by another good friend Nick Westwood. There is a lot more to this man than he lets on ;-)

3. An awesome ride by a dear friend of mine Rachel Edwards. This woman has always been fit & tough minded. She really only lacked in mtb skills & a little confidence. Rach finally got herself onto a decent bike (built by Shan) & some mad skillz. For the first time in a race I didn't catch up to Rach to lap her! Only 12 minutes behind me. Awesome Rach.

4. Sharing the Friday night with my life partner, training partner, adventure buddy & wife Beautiful Kirstie.

She is off her bike for a short period of time.

Good for me because she is an awesome pit manager.

I am looking forward to seeing her getting back out there & smashing out the trails again soon.

5. I have no idea who it was but there was a guy that was clearly more than 120kgs. He was in the hurt locker. I saw him riding, walking, resting but all the time on the trails in some way or another. I love seeing gutsy performances like that!!!

A Big "Thank You" to James from Photo Events

6. Lastly & my all time favourite...drum roll....

My 16 year old son competed as a solo rider in his longest ride ever.

He rode his bike with respect for himself & respect for every other rider.

When asked how he was travelling his response was "I'm ok, I just need a biddon of HTFU...!" ahhhhh...that is music to my ears.

For me, Jax's overall performance was inspirational.

During the race Jax's guts & determination motivated me to pedal that bit harder.

Thank you Jax!

Proud Dad moment.

Until next time:

3 things will make/break your endurance event.

Physical fitness/Strength
Mental Attitude

Want to know more about the essential 3. Ask away.



Hubcap said...

Great ride Dog! Love your enthusiasm out on course too mate. Makes those wee hours of the morning a lot more fun.

Graham said...

I did miss your serenades and bad jokes. Maybe next time though. Well done mate and keep the rubber side down.