Monday, June 27, 2011

Everything I have ever done has lead me to this moment...


I recently watched the film 127 hours. In brief, it is a film about a free, adventurous and happy dude that got his arm jammed between a rock face and a large rock that dislodged. Trapping him. 127 hours later he came to the conclusions there was only one way out. So, he broke his forearm bones and cut his own arm off, escaping and was able to get help.

During his time stuck between a rock and a hard place one of the realisations he came to was this. 

Everything he had ever done in his life led him to the situation. The rock that had spent millions of years doing its rock thing had been waiting for him and that very moment.

Today is 2 years to the day that everything I had ever done led me to meeting the woman of my dreams.


Kirstie. Thank you for taking such time & effort to put together such an amazing, wonderful & complete woman that you are today. I love the way you walk. I love the way you laugh. I love your smile. Passion, vision, support, dreams, strength, encouragement, sharing. All this & more we fit into one day. I am so looking forward to smashing out this moment, tomorrow & the rest of my life with you.

Until next

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Janine said...

That movie is so amazing and inspirational isn't it!!!
So glad to hear that you are really happy and you are living your life with the woman of your dreams.
You are always in our thoughts.
Love Janine xxx