Saturday, May 1, 2010

Caffeine has been poisoning me

A couple of health issues have popped up recently. After an unrelated visit to a doctor, it was suggested that my maximum limit for coffees should be 2! "What!? do you need me to chop off a few fingers also?"

There is no way I would go from my excessive daily caffeine consumption to zero. I don't care how nice 'cold turkey' is on a sandwich.

Here's the plan. Alarm 3am. Coffee number one. Get on bike. 2 hours+ later coffee number two. That's it for the day!

I tuck into a few decaf coffees during the day. No other caffeine & guess what? My general day to day health is the best it has been in a long time!

2 weeks till we head to Cairns for XPD. I have kicked the caffeine addiction.

Until next time, Smash 'em



Alison said...

If it can be only two, make them extra strong.

Stu Bell said...

That's 2 coffees every hour right . . . ?

I'm currently increasing my coffee uptake to one every friday morning :-)