Thursday, April 15, 2010

Race Day...nearly

It has been too long since my last endurance mountain bike race. I am feeling like a fat, lazy, slob. I miss the constant tiredness in my legs.

So, off to Pomona for the 000 Emergency Services Charity 12 hour xc race. 8am to 8pm. Only a couple of dark hours of racing. But better than none!

I was very rude in 2009. As a guest rider at the Police Games (Ay Up put up a couple of bike light kits as prizes) in both the road race & xc race I stole first place in both races. I surrendered my places & didn't go near the podium.

I am really excited about this Saturdays 12 hour race. It is organised by passionate cyclists. Funds are being raised for a good charity. Last, but not least, it is 12 hours of xc racing!!! Only 1/2 as much fun as 24 hours hehehe...

Ay Up will have a small presence. We are putting up a couple of prizes in support of the local racing scene & the Emergency Services.

Saturdays race Mantra: "Smooth flowing lines Dog!"

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Graham said...

Just get on it and stay on it.