Sunday, May 2, 2010

Comfortable in Chaos. (XPD team Moto)

COMFORTABLE IN CHAOS. This doesn't mean that chickens are running around with their heads cut off. When your socks are soggy, you have 1000 grass seeds in your socks, you're tired, sick of m&ms, mozzies are buzzing in your ears, leaches hanging off your ankles & a very long 40% gradient, deep rutted, slippery mountain presents itself you feel comfortable in the chaos. Look up, smile & yell at the mountain gods "Is this all you have!!!" I can tell you from first hand experience, this is not "all they have" hehehe... That darn mountain just kept going & kicked up even steeper around the corner.

We were in need of a kit check, team shake out prior to XPD. Liam from the Queensland Rogaine Association put together a "24 hour Adventure-Gaine" & it was awesome! Liam & his team of worker bees set out a great course & organised a great event.

If you were a novice you could achieve a result. If you were a pro you could smash yourself & the course was almost cleared by some of them.

The race was made up of Teams of 2. So our XPD team of 4 signed up & traveled together for entire race XPD style.

It is easy to quickly work out that Adventure racing is not just about smashing it forward. Planning & logistic preparation is a very large part to a successful race. If you pop your shoes in the wrong transition box, too bad.


Rach said...

love it.... that hill has reignited my love for AR... 2011 I am back in.

From what I saw, I just know you guys are going to rock XPD... but you might have to stop posing for so many photos :)

Russell Worthington said...

Always time for one more pose:) Just remember all energy is team energy! Go smash it DOG! Hope you have a hoot.