Monday, April 5, 2010

Ride, paddle, walk. 24 hours of fun, fun, fun


In preparation for XPD, 3 out of the 4 team members of Team 145 L-Attitude headed to Noosa for an all day training session. Our 4th team member is still in recovery mode post Port Macquarie Iron Man Triathlon.

Our 'base camp' was on the river in Tewantin. We arrived in Tewantin at about 6pm. Had dinner at the local pub & discussed the plan for the following morning. I should have got the lasagne & chips. Next time.

Before racking out for the night a few kit things needed to be sorted.

Ride 5 hours:

Sunday 3am the alarm went off. A few more food things, a kit check & get on our bikes...with packs. We had the pleasure of having all of the trails to ourselves for the entire ride!

Riding in the forests on the Sunshine Coast is beautiful. Definitely more visits for xc cycling in the near future.

Mmmm....the 3 stages of calorie consumption pleasure

Paddle 5 hours:

Sunscreen on, cycling shoes off, inflate the two person kayak (as used in XPD) & away we go for a 5 hour paddle. The darn thing had an air leak in the left pontoon. There was also a water leak!

Kirstie: "How are you going back there dog?"

Dog: " This would be my least favourite discipline"

I love being on the water. I feel as though I can paddle all day. Just not in the Sevylor inflatable tanks

Walk 10 hours:

This was the epic part of the trip. I know it wasn't on a bike, but this was my favourite leg. We got to try out a new bit of kit. A jetboil & some new flavours of dehydrated meals.

It's not all about training.

We covered about 40kms on the walk. Our Ay Up lights
were awesome all night.

No dogs allowed? Well this dog loves spotting critters in the bush. Especially at night.

My wildlife satisfaction bucket was full to overflowing with some of the amazing creatures we saw on our training session.

We spotted a Tawny Frog Mouthed bird, a kangaroo so darn big that Bear Gryls wouldn't even have considered it food, a very large & beautiful owl. These were easily the highlight critters.

The large owl was easily my favourite spot all night.

We also saw this little dude

After a few hours sleep we popped back into Tewantin & found a sign that said Big Breakkie $10 with a free coffee! After some dog therapy filled out tummies with an awesome breakfast.

Check out the road sign in the top left corner of this photo... "All other destinations"

We had wet shoes & socks for the most of the trip. Cairns will more than likely give us the same treatment. Time to pack up & head home already.

Until next time, Train hard, Race harder.

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Graham said...

Go Dog. Make sure you take lots of Aerogard lotion for the leeches too!