Sunday, January 17, 2010

Magic Moments

In 2008 I posted a comment with regards to my lead up to the 2008 Crocodile Trophy

"I would be a fool if I didn't appreciate all that I have experienced leading up to this event. It's not just about the 9 days of racing for me. It is the entire experience leading upto, during & I am very excited about what is to come once it is completed."

With XPD training I find myself again appreciating the experiences leading up to an event. Here are some photos of last weekends hike up Mt Warning about 2 hours drive South of Brisbane. We did a day hike then the following weekend we did a night one to see the sunrise!

I have come to believe that the biggest, most amazing, most memorable moments are made up by lots & lots of very small events. It is only ever possible to experience the big ones by fully appreciating all of the small events that create the most memorable moments.

Day hike

Halfway & the 'puppy' was steaming up the mountain.

A quick drink

A bit more climbing

Summit Fever! Nice work Ty

The mountain was clouded in but it was still an amazing view.

Kevin's fruit cake is awesome food. Thanks Kevin!

One very tired 'puppy'

One week later...Night hike

This is one of those 'never forget magical moments'

Summit fever ;-)


Janine said...

Wow, looks like a fantastic hike Matt and the photo's are great.

I can't believe how much Ty has grown!!! I can still remember that little boy that used to get put on the rock for time out :-) Just goes to show us how time can slip by so quickly, how old is he now?

MattDogTraining said...

Ty had his 10th birthday late last year.

Russell Worthington said...

My great uncle used to take us up there as young whipper snappers every time we visited him in Murwullimbah. Great hike, and great views. Good onya Ty.

Graham said...

Mate that is awesome. Ty did a well wicked job getting up there! I only hope as my boys get older that they will do the kind of things I see you doing with Ty. Rock on brother.

Katherine said...

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