Friday, January 29, 2010

Compression socks. Do they really work?


Training long & hard during the mornings, spending 1/2 the day on my feet & the other 1/2 on a computer I was finding my calves were suffering the most.

One of the great prizes from the Dusk to Dawn race in Perth last year was a pair of compression pants coupon from Line Break

I didn't feel I would get the use out of a pair of long tights. I don't even know if they will work or not. So I emailed a very helpful & accommodating Barry asking if I could get just a pair of calf socks instead.

With in a couple of days I received my calf socks. I found the measurements on their website to be accurate with their sizing.

So on a day when my calves were smashed from weekend racing & some morning training, now is a good time to see what they can do.

I found the socks gave my calves relief with in about 20 minutes of wearing them. I left them on all day & my legs felt GREAT!

Summary after 2 months of use:

  • Very comfortable
  • Look good
  • I have found they DO work to rapidly assist in muscle recovery very, very well.
  • Now referred to as my magic socks
  • A little difficult to put on the first couple of times.
  • Some of the stitching has opened up a little.
  • I am so impressed with the results I am going to invest in a pair of the longer leg short, tights from LINE BREAK

Next step, I am going to see how they go 24 hour racing! I am thinking these long, shorts would be awesome for XPD?!


1 comment:

Rach said...

compression is the way to go, especially with longer AR stuff.

I have always wondered what linebreak were like compared to the other more expensive brands. never thought of wearing the calf ones for 24 hours.

will watch with interest!