Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"Are you guys alright with this still???"


That was the most understated question of Saturday night.

XPD is creeping up on us. Our team is complete. We were all available for a training session last Saturday night.

We found a 42km walk in Lamington National Park. 21kms between Binna Burra & O'Rielys.

Rain was forcasted for the weekend. Nobody knew that it was going to be the most rain this area has had in over 100 years!!!

We started our walk at 6:30pm on Saturday night. The first hour was just a few puddles & clouded in. As it got dark we arced up our Ay Up lights. Then it started raining. It got heavier & heavier. Shortly there wasn't any room in the sky for any more rain.

It dumped on our heads non-stop for the next 9 hours! The puddles on the track got deeper & deeper. Then the trail turned into a running creek.

Each of us would have easily had about 20 or so leaches on us at any one time.

The walk took us 11 & a half hours. Lots happened in that time so here is a point summary.

1. Dog is the new team XMO (executive morale officer)
2. Dogs can sing (not)
3. Poetry is awesome on long walks.
4. Walking while sleeping is possible
5. 5 minute power naps do work
6. Goretex renewing conditioner doesn't work
7. Team 145 L-Attitude is awesome
8. Bike nix are not good for long walks
9. A big breakfast, a bacon egg burger, 3 extra strength coffees is the best recovery breakfast
10. Doing something that takes you outside of your comfort zone is very rewarding.
11. Bear Grylls is our team mascot

Until next time.



Janine said...

Hey Matt, sounds like you were in your element, a bit like old times for you!! Great job in completing the walk and all I can say is glad I was warm & cosy inside cause I hate leaches!

Stu Bell said...

You are a crazy man Dog.

MattDogTraining said...

Hey Janine Leaches suck. I still have many leach hickies to prove it ;-)

Hey Stu. At least I wasn't racing in the mud & snow! When are you back from your 'rip the legs of euros' trip?

Stu Bell said...

Haha yeah, it's a bit cold here at the moment. Not back until late March but I have a month of partying planned before I come home, so I'm going to be slow.

Graham said...

I wanna hear you sing.......

Russell Worthington said...

OMG I can consider myself lucky then. I was down there that morning. I wore a nice shower on my way back down the hill, but nothing compared to you lot.