Saturday, August 22, 2009

Next Adventure...Expedition Style

No, I haven't taken up riding a time trial bike in speedo's. An adventure racing team has accepted my expression of interest to join. So, 2010 XPD, here we come.

When: May 2010

Where: Far North Queensland (Meet in Cairns)

Why: Because we can

How: Drive to Cairns with all of our crap & just do it!

Disciplines: MTB, kayaking, walking, archery (wtf?) & what ever else Craig & his awesome team at Geocentric Outdoor Adventures can squeeze in to punish our minds & bodies!

Check it out for yourself


Nightrider said...

I must confess to not knowing much about adventure racing, but I assume the Jaman tactic of ATTTAACCK is probably still valid.

Rach said...

that chick at the bottom looks the business.

Russell Worthington said...

Haha I seem to remember that chic at the bottom losing her pants somewhere just short of the finish @ Whitsundays:)

You'll love it Matt. Just remember, all energy is team energy.