Monday, August 31, 2009

Cyclogaine, Peachester Queensland

So 3/4 of our 2010 XPD team loaded up our bikes, map boards, sense of adventure & headed north of Brisbane for 45 minutes & ended up in Peachester.

The first control point was our most challenging. A bit of a warm up one. Then we just smashed the rest. After my other two team buddies reeled me in from the bottom of an awesome fun decent. We continued on.
There were awesome views like this all day! I am taking about the mountains Al, not your legs.

We arrived in enough time to pick up our maps. Seen above is our team captain. We just call her Butt kicker Kirstie' ! Don't let the georgous smile & stunning legs fool you.

Seen below is our 2IC. We call him Al. We are yet to decide what Al is 2IC of.

No GPS or bike computers "Use the skills you were born with" was the comment on the rules sheet. It was agreed that when we were born we could only pee, poop & scream. This might just work!?

The trails were sweet! Some of the fire trails were so steep & technical many walked on the downs. The worst part of the day was having to put the brakes on for a nav check part way along an awesome decent or bit of single track. Oh well, it is a navigation ride after all hehehe...

I took the Ay Up race machine on it's Sunday outing. The single speed, Ventana 29er built by Black Sheep Imports here in Brissie was the perfect bike for the day.

It was agreed by all that as a team we had acheived all of our objectives, & a couple of check points, so we headed back to town. Someone say food!!! Show us the way Al.

The event was well organised. The catering! After we got back to the community hall in Peachester we were greeted by an AMAZING spread of freshly baked scones, cakes, there was icecream, soup, fresh bread, quiche, more cakes, slices... Mountain bike race organisers have a lot to learn!!!

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