Saturday, September 19, 2009

Lots of training, lots of work... no room for blogging. So I have stolen a few minutes this evening for a breif update.

Training: Wednesday mornings have become my Mount Nebo mornings. Camp Mountain is my little treat for being a good dog & getting out. It is always a spectacular sunrise on the decent.

I love xc night riding. So about a week ago I headed out on my mtb at about 5:30 in the arvo. Crusing through Brisbane Forest Park, down to Lake Manchester & climb, climb, climb all the way back out again. Home by about 11pm. My Ay Up lights are just the best for these rides. I didn't have to change my batteries all night & still had full light!

Last weekend, Saturday saw me ride in the Queensland Police Games Road Race as a guest. Criterium style at the Mount Cotton Driver Training Centre. Awesome racing!

Then on the Sunday was the QPG cross country race at Old Hidden Vale. The single speed was able to put some hurt into the field on that morning!

Earlier this week saw a friend of mine in a coma for a short period of time after face planting a car windscreen. Even though he is still in hospital & will be for a couple of weeks yet he is healing quickly. The rumour is on a training ride he did so many repeats on one hill on his mtb that he flatted the hill!!! I believe it too!

October is a tough racing month. 10/11 is the Scott24. Road Trip! 17/18th is Hells Bells a 24 hour adventure race. 24/25th is the TwoWheelPromotions 24 hour xc race at Canungra.

This will be some good base kms in time for the Highland Fling 7/8th November. Road Trip! Then a 12 hour on the 21/22nd Nov then off the Perth Western Australia for their Dusk to Dawn 12 hour. Huh, maybe October & November there will be lots of racing.

Ok, time to hit the hay before a Sunday of xc kms


Declan! said...

Im ready to start shit talking about the 24 hour. I say I will have atleast 10 mins up on you by the end of the race. ;)

You have got a huge race calendar forming. Good luck for them, just remember... if in doubt, in the dog.

MattDogTraining said...

Hey Declan, are you riding in a team?! Are you talking about the end of your race or the end of mine?

Declan! said...

Ive become a hard for this race and decided to race Solo.

MattDogTraining said...

I've told you Declan, I don't want to know about your sex life dude!