Saturday, May 2, 2009


I had a fascinating conversation with a woman that is doing her PHD on what makes athletes crack under pressure. It brought to the surface an area in my training that I can improve. She has competed at National & International level Kayaking & continues to be a 'smash 'em' adventure racing athlete.

How many times have you showed up to a ride or race & asked someone "so how are you feeling today" then it starts. Also, how many times have you been approaching an event & your training partner say about 1 or 2 weeks out, "my knee is starting to play up, training too hard, still doing base miles, injured, sick, tired, haven't been training. The list is endless.

It is my belief that we place pressure on ourselves & these reasons/excuses are a back door escape route in preparation for what we believe to be non-performance on the day.

So here is an open invitation, send the reasons/excuses you have used or heard. I am looking forward to compiling a list of them under this heading. I will keep updating this heading as they roll in. Not just pre bike race ones, these reasons/excuses extend into our everyday lives. I am keen to hear them all.

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