Saturday, May 9, 2009

Merida 24 hour...Race day!

It is my belief that I am always ready to ride a 24 hour mountain bike race. Sometimes I am just more ready than others. Upon reflection, I don't know any race I have ever been as ready for as I wanted to be.

I work a 40-55 hour week, have the pleasure of having my two sons 1/2 the week every week, I get sick, occasionally sleep... & amongst that lot & much more I squeeze in between 10-20+ hours of training a week. I kind of figured a 24 hour race had me covered for a few days off the bike this week hehehe...

I arrived at Hiddenvale in SE Queensland on the Saturday morning. This is one of my favourite things about racing, I caught up with lots of really good people & met some new ones.

As I was wondering around I saw Tim Bennett. What a great surprise. Then Jo Bennett...Nick Both...Adrian Jackson...Paul Traynor. It was awesome to see these guys again. It is the same crew that I met & did a small amount of peloton time with on the 2008 Croc Trophy. A really good team of people. They were very supportive of me on the 2008 CT & continued this support on the track for the Merida 24 hour. Thanks everyone!

I am not too much into long winded, lap for lap race reports.

My 9 yr old son was my support person. My pre-race breifing to the dude was "Hand me a biddon & some different food each time. Here is some cash, be sure to get yourself some dinner, breakfast from the BBQ & as many hot chocloates as you like from the coffee van. Brush your teeth..." you guys know the rest.

I rolled through the transition at about 11pm & past my marquee. Ty was all tucked up asleep on a camp chair in the very cold, damp evening air. "Ty, wake up! go to the tent with the matress, sleeping bag, doona, pillow." Off he went. He toughted it out for 11 hours & was that committed he was still trackside! I didn't see him until the sun popped up the next day. Then he started his job again. He was a legend of a support person. Not one winghing word all weekend.

Needless to say, it was only natural he shared the second step of the podium with me. Proud Dad moment.

Tailwind Promotions Peter Creagh (aka Cranky) Hayden Brooks (Kiwi) & his lovely wife Fluer along with the others I don't know put on an awesome event. It had a really good feel about the event all weekend. Nice work everyone.

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