Friday, April 10, 2009

GAR 6 Hour Enduro

Saturday saw enough time in the afternoon to drive out to the course to do a pre-ride. Sunday morning was 'Race Day!'

I popped upto the front of the start group. I started out a little fast. Not nearly as fast as Jeff Toohey! He smashed out the fasted lap of the day!

The first lap was a little muddy. After a couple of hundred bikes had been over some areas it quickly got better in some areas & a lot worse in others. There were 3 sections on the course that ended up being quicker to walk/jog as the race went on.

I had some help in the pits from Kal. He gave my bike a couple of 'de-mud' sessions that allowed my Scott Scale to continue on. Chain & cassette were thown out after this race. They were chewed to pieces.

I don't race with any speedo numbers I can see during timed races like this one. I occassionally check out the time. I have no idea how many laps, kms... This really works for me. I just pedal as best I can until they closed the course.

I saw many, many riders giving this race their all. It was very inspiring. At the end of the day I managed 14 laps & 3rd place.

On a slightly different subject. Rock Star racing rocked the Mont 24hour in Canberra. After a very hard fought battle, these rockers stood a top of the podium.


Bradley Toomey's Cycling Adventure said...

Great effort Matt,well deserved! Your always happy and make these enduros look easy!

Also you said something to me at the race.. Thank you =]


A dream that was once lost but now found... said...

Awesome work Matt Dog :))