Saturday, April 4, 2009

24 hours in Rotorua

Although the 'on-the-board' results are a little poor. They are not a reflection on how good my 9 hours of racing was. I achieved most of my goals for the race. I tried to only use Infinite Nutrition in my biddons & nothing else. This was not successful. It's just too boring. So I will back the calories off in the mix to allow for some real food to go in.

Road Trip! This 6 berth camper gave the 3 of us a double bed each.

A huge thank you to lovely Robin for feeding/caring for all 4 of us.

Beautiful place to ride. It got down to 4 or 5 degrees on Sunday morning.

Andrew Bell, 3rd in Solo mens.

Mark (makes & tests your Ay Up lights here in Brisbane) got 3rd in the Single Speed category.

Who brought this dude along?!

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