Monday, March 30, 2009

NZO 24 hours at Rotorua

A quick race report with photos & more details to be added later.

Weather: Sunny & pleasant during the day. As soon as the sun went down it was damp & darn cold. 4 or 5 deg C in the morning!

Track: Can only be described as awesome, fun, fast, flowing, demanding 16 kms long. If you don't like single track then this is not the course for you hehehe...

Race: Mind, bike, body all ready to go. They all came together. I found a really good pace. In the early part of lap 3 is when I tried to find a nice smooth line to use later on in the night to avoid some body rattling bumps is when it all went very wrong. My front wheel washed out on a fast bumpy down hill. In the crash somthing has driving into the top of my chest.

Another 6 laps (9 completed laps in total) & just over 9 hours of non stop lapping I decided to have a little fed, jersey change, leg warmers on stop. This is when the pain started crashing down on me.

I got checked out & it wasn't good news. My race was over. At the end of the race I finished in 8th place overall in the solos.

The people, track, town, weather...everything has been awesome. Definately an event to add to your race calendar.


Rach said...

sorry to hear you had bad luck dog.
heal quick.

Russell Worthington said...

Bugger Matt. I know you'll bounce back real quick. Seeya soon I hope.