Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday Racing

A Saturday evening phone call to Rhino..."What cycling are you doing on Sunday?"
This ended up with Natalie & I meeting up at Peloton Cycles with Rhino, Tom & a handful of the guys from Peloton Cycles (& a great bunch of guys to ride/race with) all in their shop kit. We then headed to Synergy Park industrial area to race a criterium very nicely organised by Ipswich Cycling Club.
I forgot how much fun criterium racing is.

Saturday morning saw Natalie keeping the B grade men honest at a HPRW criterium at Nundah by racing with them.

A reality check yesterday. It was pointed out to me..."only 2 more training weeks before the croc" The past 7 months since I first entered this event have flown past.

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