Monday, September 22, 2008

Crunch!!! I need a new helmet

A little reminder for me today. It only takes a small lapse in concerntration & things can go wrong very quickly.

I always look forward to a skills session with Roadie Rob. Tearing along a short bit of single track, I didn't take the first part of the 'S' wide enough & ran out of room for the second part of the 'S'. There were two trees, one on each side of the trail. The angle I approached the little bend presented what looked like the trees side by side with no gap in the middle.

I went from fast to stop! One of the funny things was my head hit the tree so farking hard that my glasses shot off my face & just kept going.

A little 'trail shy' for the remainder of the session. I am finding more aches & pains as the day goes on.
Great Helmet. Will be replacing it with the same one.


Rach said...

Holy Crap - that is a solid hit. Are you sure it didn't make you piss your pants and forget who you were even for just a little bit???

Hope you are concussion free and your neck is in one piece.

MattDogTraining said...

This morning really sux. Stiff neck, shoulder, hangover style headache. I think you need a brain to have concussion so no issue there.

Rob pointed out the good sized mark on the tree too.

Now I have a trail that I have to do time & time again until I get it right.

Hillbilly said...

Ouch, good thing you had ya helmet on. Hope you are feeling well enough to come racing at Mt Crosby on Sunday morning mate! Keep nailing that trail!

MattDogTraining said...

Sunday, club xc racing is a Goer Hillbilly. See you then.

Declan! said...

Ouch! Good to see you are ok now Matt. Might see you at Mt crosby this weekend?