Sunday, April 1, 2012

LunarC post race report


Lots of 'Lunar-tiCs' showed up for this years race. The weather was absolutely perfect. Every rider I came across during the 8 1/2 hours I raced, without exception, was polite and in good spirits. Over-taking and being over-taken was a very pleasant experience also.

Team Koiled. Get used to seeing this kit on the road and trails.

How did my race go?

After getting my gear on, and organising my food table, I went to check on another Koiled rider. "Hey Nick, how are you feeling?"

"How many bananas are you going to eat on the first lap??"

Nick was a little unsure of his head space. Long working days, late night...all mixed up with some pre-race nerves meant Nick was struggling to visualise a successful race. I put a few last minute tips on the table to try and help him get sorted.

I wrote my race plan on the top tube of my bike

Sharing these little tips with Nick helped me get my pre-race head sorted out too.

My dear friend and fellow, tough-arsed, Koiled rider Rach was unable to race due to an illness. A very smart decision for an endurance rider. So, she sent me a message. The message included reference to ripping some legs off! My response was caught with this photo...

Evil Grin

One of the most important factors for me to have a successful race is a good support person. Someone organised, reliable, calm and knows how I ride and think. For me it is my training partner, best friend,  and wife. The best thing is this is the one person!!!

"Biddon, coke and a Tim Tam please"

Kirstie and Ty were able to get all this done with out me having to stop!

"Nice catch Ty"

The assault weapon of choice for this race was again, my tried and trusted, custom titanium, single speed, no suspension KOILED mountain bike. I had to ride the bumpy, rocky descents a lot slower than usual. However the bike went up the climbs by itself.

A little pedalling was required on the ups.

I managed to speak with a few people on the trails. I shared a few tips, yelled "attack the hill" to few riders, gave a few friendly pats on the back and high 5's. Lots of huge efforts to be seen all night. This is always very motivating for me to see others giving it their all.

At the end of the day, or more accurately, first thing in the morning I rode well enough to win a couple of prizes and do my bit to get Team Koiled on the podium.

"Thank you In2Adventure for another awesome race!"

Tip for the week...

...Train for your race. Race what you train.



Hubcap said...

Awesome ride again by the Dog! Thanks for the company during the wee hours. It's awesome how you stay so excited all night long.

Rach said...

Top work from the Dog! I was with you in spirit :)