Monday, July 6, 2009

Time to start ramping it up again!

How is this! It was cold, damp, slippery, foggy. It was just an absolute perfect day for a classic Mount Nebo Ride with a couple of close friends.

I have been resting. Riding 1-3 times a week & only at a casual pace & not for very long. At first it was very frustrating. Then, I started to see the sunrises again, I can smell the Aussie bush again, I can appreciate the cold wind on my face. I have again, found the reason why I started cycling. Phew!

I found this random dude & dudette. They reckon the recognised me from Big Brother 2006 & wanted a photo taken.

Our own Rach is gearing up to tear some international legs off in Canada in the 24 solo womens elite category.

Just over one week ago was the Insomnia 24 hour. 3rd year & each one has been a total, gear destroying, slop fest! The year being no exception. After some solid riding in the first part of the race a mechanical was a great excuse to sit down & call it quits. My legs were strong & chewing up the mud easily. The truth of the matter is, my head was tired & mentally I had had enough. A couple of mates helped out by working on the race machine. Thanks Jezza & Neil.!

All was not lost. In fact I found a couple of gems as I continued to ride the occasional lap. 3 of which weren't counted because I just popped of the track to talk to people & forgot to pass by the timing tent hehehe... I rode some laps with friends. I even stopped at the top of a couple of the little hills on the course for a chat! I don't think too many people saw me though.

As I sat down & chatted with Lesley & Warren (two of the loveliest people you will ever meet) during the race I found more than just a gem in the mud at the Insomnia!

The most recent card picked up
: When not looking for the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow it is easier to find.