Tuesday, March 17, 2009

NZO 24 hours at Rotorua

Next race, 24 hours. While watching some great bike racing at Crestmead (Qld.) a couple of days ago with Steve at U-Turn Fitness I asked the question "How I am going to ride for 24 hours?" His reply was "Ride a little slower"

24 hour race plan

1. Nutrition: I have customised my infinit nutrition biddon mix. There is enough of everything in it to do the race on biddons with out the need for anything else.

2. Skills: Smooth, flowing lines. With out the help of Roadie Rob I would probably still be a 'pedal, pedal, pedal...brake, brake, brake...' style of rider still! I used to be a lot harder work until Rob slapped me in the face & showed me some of the most basic mtb skills.

3. Pace: Start slow, medium pace in the middle & finish the day with a solid pace!

4. Rest: This is kept for before & after the race. A 30 sec - 1 min put my feet down every lap or two. This works out a lot better than sitting down for 10-20minutes a couple of times.

5. Fun Factor: I love my racing. There is a lot of time for things to go rough in a 24 hour race. A lot has to go right for a successful ride. Keeping a smile & a sense of humour even when things have gone to shit is what it is about.

6. Motivation: I have seen this pop up in a few discussions over the past couple of weeks. Personal integrity (don't bullshit myself). When I hear an excuse inside of my head that distracts me. I ask myself "Self, are you crapping on?"

7. For me endurance racing is about myself. So many opportunities are presented to learn.

Catch you on the trails sometime.


Hillbilly said...

24 hours on just bidons? It will be very interesting to hear how this pans out. It would make transitions and nutrition much simpler.

Best of luck over in kiwi bro, have a choice race!!

Russell Worthington said...

Smash it Dog:) Hope all goes to plan.