Sunday, March 8, 2009

I wanna be a Rockstar

Rockstar Racing I don't ride for them. The jersey was a gift, post crocodile trophy last year. I love the graphics. Given the quality of riders on the Rockstar Racing team I am sure the jersey has some "smash them" magical powers hehehe...

I love my new ride. I picked up the frame & fork 2nd hand. I then picked up an Ultegra SL groupset from & built it up myself.

This weekend saw lots of great criterium racing. Saturday was an hour & 1/2 ride to Nundah for 40 minutes & 2 laps in B grade. This photo says it all. It was a fast, furious, full (60 riders!) race.

Today was a drive south to give Race 3 of the Sizzling Summer Series a hit out. My Natalie has now done the first 3 races of the series. I have been mountain bike racing each time. I was able to enter this one at the last minute.

The course is fast. A couple of easy going corners that require a little fore thought with positioning. This was one of the hard working people of many that have made this series a great event. "Hey cookie, your egg muffin burgers are the best!"

Cheeky & all round nice guy, Pat "The Tank" took out the win in my race, Masters B peloton today. I will find a photo of this dude somewhere.

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Rach said...

Nat is looking fit and fast. Go girl.

And that jersey is definitely rockin'.