Saturday, February 7, 2009

Singapore Mountain Bike Festival

Like many of us I am a keen follower of Tinker Juarez. I was reading his blog & I came across a mountian bike festival in Singapore. One of the races is a 100km night race. The first xc night race every organised in Singapore.

Given Ay Up lighing systems sells lights all around the world this appeared to be a great opportunity to send a sponsored rider along to support the event & for some exposure.

So, my race entry is in & flights are booked.


Nightrider said...

Can you write the cost of this trip off as work expenses? If so, Awesome!!!

Duane said...

Hey there! Thanks for the tip! I do think about that a lot. When I feel like dogging a workout, I just tell myself finishing it will help me when I'm out on that course!

Ky said...

Give em hell dog.