Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dear Mum

My mum had to phone me the other day. Why? Just to say hello because I haven't been updating my blog. Oops, sorry mum.

I am getting excited at going to Singapore next week. I have made my commitment to racing 24 hours in Rotorua at the end of March. Tickets booked & entry in. As you would expect there will be some big hitters racing in NZ.

My new 24hr racing machine is easily the best xc bike I have owned & ridden. The Scott Scale 20.

On the subject of new bikes I have been very patient in keeping an eye out for a road bike for my 9yr old son. I came across a 650c bike with an extra pair of bling racing wheels! It took him all of 2 minutes to work out the clipless pedals & cycling shoe thing. He loves it! I am about to see if he also loves the early mornings for training sessions in about 5 minutes :o)

My oldest boy is making wonderful progress through his early teens. He is learning to make good decisions & quickly knowing & learning from his not-so-good decisions.

My dear sweet Natalie is getting back on her two wheeled horse after being bucked off it a couple of times.

Every day is an awesome day, only some are more awesome than others!

Thanks mum
Love dog

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