Saturday, September 13, 2008

No two days are the same.

Here is an example of what generally occurs in a dog's day.
3am: Alarm goes of. Weatbix, hot chocolate, gear up ready to ride off at 4am. This is when my Ay-Up lights come in very handy.

5am: Part way around the 75kms of Tour de Redcliffe loop.

6:30am: Visit favourite bakery for post ride carbs.
7:00am: S...S...S

8:00am: Start work

4:00pm: Finish work, pick up one of my boys from Volley ball training, go home, cook dinner, surf internet, catch up with the "So, what happened at school today?" conversation with my boys.

A few domestic duties, share more time with Natalie.

7:30pm: Nearly ready for bed.

8:30pm: Zzzzzz....

When I write it down like that, the day appears so short & simple. Maybe it is, but some days feel long & complicated. Others are as simple as they read.


Trickle said...

Dog, please tell me these crazy early wake ups get easier!?

MattDogTraining said...

Hey tickle...these crazy early wake ups get easier!?... I found the secret is routine. Also, have EVERYTHING ready to go so there are no excuses not to go.

Groover said...

One hour to get ready in the morning? And I thought I was bad needing 1/2 hour since I can't leave the house without having coffee (can't do this to my friends ...) A friend of mine is leaving the house within 10 minutes of getting up!

P.S. Welcome to the world of blogging! Just found you! Will be stalking you from now on. :-)