Monday, June 11, 2012

GrindinGearz 6 hour...What a cracka!


What a cracka! 

The course was... awesome, fun, scenic, tough, rewarding, climbing, flowing, fast, leg busting, fun, fun, fun...!!!

Some head-down pedalling

One of the features to a good race is the attitudes of the organisers and volunteers they recruit. 
Without a doubt, the super attitudes from the course marshalls, to the dudes keeping the HOT showers and toilets really clean all weekend were outstanding!

The camping/track-side area was flat, plentiful & very easily accessed. The raging camp fires are always a very welcome, toe warming, beer drinking, social aspect to an event like this.
Lots of this... (single track bliss)
I was very impressed with Andy Fellows victory speech. Andy shared his thoughts about the race and the people that organised it and the people that rode it. Nice work Andy.
The Mount Perry, 6 Hour, Gold Rush, is one very classy event!
Around to the right, then the left, again and again!
Three things standout most in my mind during the race:
1. Jay Taylor. A very respectable 2nd to Andy Fellows in the elite men's, coming past me asking how the final lap timings work and if "redbull is good to have on the final lap" My response, "pedal till they say stop and anything that has sugar is perfect for your last lap!"
This was fun after the awesome switch back descent
2. All of the very nice congratulations I received from nearly every rider I came across on the trails. Some I knew, some I didn't. T H A N K Y O U. I was very suprised and as I responded each time, sincerley, it means a lot!!!
Lots of beautiful scenery.
3. The most outstanding memory is all of the awesome and gutsy efforts I saw on the trails. Being a solo only event there was no place to hide for anyone. I was greatly motivated by the all of the riders I came across on the trails that were quite simply putting their heart into their legs converting it into kms. Freekin' awesome!!! If I came passed you on my SS and gave you a pat on the back and told you how well you were riding I sincerly meant it.
Thanks GrindinGearz for putting it on.
It wasn't just the awesome single track that was rewarding.
Until next time: Put your heart into your legs and convert it into kms on the track.

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Janine said...

Well done Matt - when do you get back to Aus?