Monday, November 8, 2010

6 hours of single speeding fun

Race Report


End of lap one: Left crank fell off. Thanks to Rowan for the tool to pop it back on. Better than riding SS with one leg.

Start of lap 5: I thought, wow! not even 2 hours yet

2 hour mark: damn it's hot

3 hour mark: I watched as an aggressive rider tried a crap over taking move on some chick & got stuck in the bushes. I rolled up behind the chick & told her she has right of way & it is well with in the rules for her to say "NO! not yet dumb-arse!" (Ok so I added in the dumb-arse bit to make this report sound better)

4 hour mark: damn it's hot. I am getting tired now

5 hours: hey some clouds it's nice & cool now!

5 hours 1 minute: I wish those clouds would come back

5 hours 57 minutes: If I ride nice & gently the course will be closed by the time I get to the start/finish!

6 hours 00 minutes 4 seconds: oh, darn no more time to do another lap hehehe.... great day out!

Super happy with my ride. I am loving racing on a single speed. I managed 4th in open mens.

To the rider that was first to greet me at the finish & brag about beating me by 7 minutes, EADWM + jam. I don't race to beat YOU. I race by myself, for myself to beat myself. Selfish, I know.

On a final note: Big props to my son who did his first endurance race too. He punched out a total of 7 laps! learned a few lessons, toughed it out & smashed out the race all day with respect for himself & everyone around him. That's how it's done dude

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