Thursday, November 26, 2009

Dog Pie Recipe

Dog Pie

Take 1 dog, roll and ride with it until smashed,

and add the following ingredients:

1 bicycle

1 cup patience

1 cup understanding

2 cups of good coffee

1 pinch correction

1 cup hard work

(1/2) 12 x cups pain

a pinch of praise

Heaps of fun

Blend well. Heat with the warmth of friends until the
consistency is such that dog and his friends are one.


Rach said...

dog, I think there is a typo in your recipe.... 1/2 a cup??? I thought it should be atleast 12 cups of pain.

MattDogTraining said...

You of all people should know Rach, it's not about the quantity of pain it is all about the quality of PAIN! But 12 cups does sound more appetising.