Sunday, November 29, 2009

Alcoa 12 hour Dusk to Dawn done!


Quick one. The track was out to smash me. Little round gravel the size & shape of peas. It was like riding on marbles. I set the single speed up with a 32 x 18. for a couple of hours last night I was in 2nd.

I ended up with 3rd in open mens with about 187 kms. I also won the highest ranked single speeder for the race too :-)

Race report to follow once I get back to Brisbane.

Until next time, smooth flowing lines!




Declan. said...

Yeahhh Doggie! Smashed it. SS too, christ you are a man of steel!
When you going to race on a fixie.

TR said...

Awesome job Dog!!!!

MattDogTraining said...

Hey Declan, Never! OK maybe on the track in 2011.

Hey TR, you are more than aware of ss riding racing, so thanks!