Wednesday, November 11, 2009

100 Mile Fling has been flung

Well, Huw & his crew again put on a world class mountain bike race!

Early Friday morning I drove to pick up Rhino, Marnie & my new best mate Herbie.

850kms later we stopped for food, sleep, shower & put the bikes to bed. They have a big weekend ahead.

Saturday morning we drove the last 300kms arriving at Bundanoon. This town is about 1 1/2 hours south of Sydney. It is a beautiful town know as "Australia's first bottled water free town" Find out more about that

We did the registration thing. We did the Ay Up, sell some lighting systems with a race day special thing. We ate, got most of our race stuff ready then racked out for the evening.

Sunday morning saw a perfect day for a roll around the forest. So here is a race report.

1. Lined up at the front with Rhino. The two Ay Up jerseys looked great.

2. Race is on. 30kms to the first check point & the start of Wingello State forest loop.
As I climbed a slow pinch, Mark Fenner (finished 2nd in the 100mile) climbed passed me. "Hey Mark you have a stick stuck in your derailleur". So I jumped off my bike, jogged beside him, pulled the stick out, gave him a little shove up the hill & jumped back on my bike.

"Hey Rhino, I feel nauseaus" Rhino's reply "Me too! I have already vomited once"

3. 54kms loop of awesome trails in the Wingello State forest. This is when my vomiting started. Quickly turning into dry retching because there wasn't anything left in my guts.

Hey! is that Troy Glennan Rockstar Racing tough guy wheel sucking off me? Sure is!!! Only the 100 mile dudes started 30 minutes before him hehehe... just don't tell anyone. shhhhh...

4. How cool is this, we get to do another awesome 54km loop of the forest! I had the best part of the forest to myself because the 100km riders had left the forest (most of them)

5. There's Rhino at the last check point. "Hey dog! do you want to do the last 25kms together?" dog "fuck yeah!"

6. The last 25 kms Rhino & I hooted up, down, around corners, laughing, hooting & dry retching all the way home. I managed to reel & overtake two more 100 mile riders.

7. Job's done. Australia's only 100mile mtb race. Tick that box. Home in 8 1/2 hours & 9th place.

Craig Gordon took out first place for the second year in a row. ROCKSTAR!

I love road trips. Road trips with good people are simply as awesome as a well executed 'jaman attack'


jaman said...

Classic report,

Wheelsuckers are bogus......

well done. Having nausea in a long race is a bit RUFF!

Rach said...

sounds like you could have done with some bottled water!!!

box, make that box SMASHED.

psst... I got asked to join a croc team for 2010.

MattDogTraining said...

Ruff, ruff! grrr...grrruufff !!

That's dog for "Bring on 2010 Croc Trophy!"

Training for Stromlo 2010 should put us in good form!

Declan. said...

Good read once again. Well done on your result!
You racing the 4 hour?

TR said...

Great report and result for you Dog.
Sad news for Rhino.

Let me know what training rides you are doing.
I will be needing all the help I can get.

MattDogTraining said...

Certainly not sad news for Rhino. The dude had an awesome race. Maybe too much ghey road riding though.

He has been looking for his MTB mojo & I am confident he found it last weekend.

He mentioned very early on in the road trip that he was looking for the fun factor in racing again.

TR said...
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