Thursday, July 16, 2009

Noosa Enduro 100k..."How good was that!"

2:00am Alarm
2:15am leaped out of bed
3:15am car packed, driving north
4:30am got the best carpark in Pomona
5:30-6:28am saw jaman, got a hug from Meg, saw the Rockstar boys...

So far all of this has been done with a shit eating grin...

6:30am GO, GO, GO... doof doof tunes rocking, legs cranking lets tear this race to pieces!

I pedaled, smiled, whooped & yeeehhaaarrd down almost every decent with a shit eating grin. Knowing I had a fan at the finish

Every climb was awesome. Even the grass ones (Yes Pete, even the grass ones!) Yeah sure the occasional one hurt but that makes it all the more fun.

Good deeds for the day: I quickly turned back to give another rider my little tool box for the chain tool & quick link, gave another rider 1/4 of a biddon of liquid cement "suck it up girly man!"

I was asked by lots of people "what time did you do?" reply "Errr... dunno. I was having too much fun to give a fuck about the time!!!"

Every decent was exciting, fun, fast! The views were awesome. I had a perfect race!!! My biggest fan was at the finish with a smile & a hug.
A few good friends & I sat on the grass watching everyone roll into the finish while drinking coffee, coke, coffee, eating burgers & more. We shared some stories then headed home.
After a few days I had a quick look at the final results. They still don't matter.

Love from Dog

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