Saturday, June 13, 2009

Insomnia 24 hour. 2 weeks to go.

This will be the inaugral race for the new Ay Up racing machine. A huge thank you to Pete from Black Sheep Imports for putting this 24 hour 29" SS racing machine together.

After I have put it through it paces on a few rides I will post up a ride report.


Declan! said...

No!!!!!!!!!!!! Gone to the darkside I see.
Wont be at the race. Good luck for it. Sure you will be on the podium beating those gearys.

MattDogTraining said...

Thanks Declan :-) it is 24 hour racing dude. Anything can & will happen. A lot has to go right before I even finish.

Brad Toomeys Cycling Journey said...

Ahh so the rumors I heard a while ago were true!!!! (well they came from pete =D) Matt, you WILL finish and you WILL do well.

I'll see you there! Smash it


Hubcap said...

Single Speed???!!!
Are you soloing or racing in a (dare I say it) team? I don't see your name on the solo start list.

And how's Decco's form, says he's going to roll up at Insomnia and cane us all and then pulls the pin to get drunk instead. :P

Ky said...

Nice rig mate. Almost bought that redline 29'r SS off MTBSkirt, if it didnt have v-brakes. Looks like the new dually is getting its drivetrain royally fucked!