Saturday, January 24, 2009

europcar are untrustworthy & ripped me off

I may get some interesting feedback on this one. The reason I haven't made this crap public until now is because I had given them the opportunity to fix this crap up.
This is my experience & how I feel as a result of how I was treated.

About 6 months out from the Croc Trophy last year I secured a sponsorship deal with europcar. Quite simply they were going to provide a 4wd vehicle for the period of the race & a couple of days either side.

Once a month leading up to the event & every week for the last 3 weeks up to the event I contacted them to ensure everything was good to go. The feedback was always yes, everything is good to go. Even when picking up the vehicle they were aware of the sponsorship deal as it was typed into the notes on my booking/account.

A few days after I returned the vehicle in immaculate condition (the comment made by the europcar staff in Cairns was "This is clean enough for me to hire out straight away") the farkers charged my credit card for the hire of the vehicle.

When I contacted them to ask WTF is going on, they tapped danced & said that things had changed.


Russell Worthington said...

If its typed into the notes on your booking and the conditions of the booking are also confirmed in writing, isn't that "a contract"?

That's pretty shitty dude. I never liked europcar anyway;)

Declan! said...

Thats bullshit Matt. I say go sue the fuckers. :)

OzCableguy said...