Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Living the dream

This is a statement/comment often made. What is YOUR idea of living the dream?
I am coming around to the possibility that I am living it. I don't have much $, I don't own a house, things go wrong, I crash my bike, I get really tired...everybody knows what I am saying there.

But get this, I have two beautiful sons, a couple of sweet bikes to ride, time to get out & ride them, a great job, a very decent person to work for, an awesome girl friend...the list can go on.

Cycling is one of those special hobbies. I continually meet many really good people (& obviously the occasional tosser)

Last weekend saw a 3 1/2 hour drive north of Brisbane. Best I take my roadie with me. After some internet networking during the week I found a Sunday morning peloton to ride with.

Sunday morning: I had a road bike & tight lycra so I was accepted by the 'alpha rider' into the group ;o) Thanks to the guys in Hervey Bay for the guided tour. One question though, Is there always a smashing headwind up there? If so I am keen to visit again soon.

Everyday is awesome, some are just more awesome than others.


Tazy-Devil said...

Hey Matt

thanks for joining up with Brad and I this morining at Bunya.We learnt alot andewe really look up to you and most of the other elite rides as a role model, so it is great when we get the chance to ride with you and spend a bit more one on one time. This blog about living the dream is something that I look foward too. I know this sport is not going to get me the fast car and the massive house on the river but I will be happy on a fast bike and travling in mini van to races just because I love the sport and the test's that it throws at you.

You a person to look up to

Buttsy said...

Love the comment about the Alpha Male of the group.....pretty appropriate...funny