Sunday, October 19, 2008

Thank you Virgin Blue Airlines

My wheel bags travelled with cabin crew luggage so that they would make it to Cairns safe & sound. My bike made it to Cairns in one piece too! :o) I am so relieved. The wonderful staff memeber was able to do some creative checking in & I didn't have to pay for any excess luggage.

Only one airline to fly with when travelling in my book now.

Europcar are awesome! They have provided an almost brand new Pajaro 4wd for the duration of the race & a couple of days either side.

There are a few mtb cyclists out & about today. I haven't been able to get into the 'holiday mode'. We are staying at some lovely holiday apartments .

Until next time GGF & have a great ride.


Jaxsen Powell said...

hey dad
Its jax here
just letting you know that we got 4th unfortuantely

MattDogTraining said...

Hey Jax

4th!!! "Unfortunately"??? wtf do you mean. 4th is a totally awesome effort by you & your volley ball team. The game I saw, you boys should be very proud of your efforts.

Jaxsen Powell said...

hey dad
id said that because we should have gotten higher but didnt because of the way we played (crap)

Jaxsen Powell said...

Hey dad
Mum said that the bronze match was very close

jaxsen powell said...

hey dad congrats on the effort so far keep it up

Ky said...

Go Matt! Watching the updates intently mate - looking strong! You're a total inspiration dude. Kick arse.

jaxsen powell said...

hey dad
doin well looking at the results everyday keep up the good work.
love jax

Russell Worthington said...

Yeh Matt, what Jax said:)!

Been following the updates and wishing you well dude. Some good photos emerging. I look forward to the ride report. Not long now. Ride hard dude. cheers, Russ.

jaxsen powell said...

Keep up the great work go kick some ass out there dad

jaxsen powell said...

Have u been checking out the photos
theres some awesome ones of u

Anonymous said...

Hey Matt

Congratulations so far, Mum and I are very proud. I have managed to download every photo I can find of you. Very exciting and great effort. Hope the final 48kms is fun and have a great celebration dinner. Talk to you when you get back. Love Kay

OutdoorGaz said...

AWESOME effort Matt !!!! Well done.