Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Reminder: Why do I ride?

On the rare occasion, I manage to get down to the Brisbane River for the Monday night noodle ride.
Here is a quick description of the ride. Meet up, talk crap, ride off, spin a yarn, ride, laugh, attack the occasional hill, sprint, ride, stop, eat cheap noodles, talk more crap, ride home while burping.
Given the training I do, last night I was asked, "So Matt, what is this ride for you?"
I responded by saying that it is an awesome reminder of how much fun cycling is. The group is honest, fun & they are simply there to ride their bikes.
Before I met up with the guys I had a quick catch up with 'Hubcap' Andrew Handyside. Smiling, riding & keen to smash out an awesome race this Sunday. Hubcap shared his goal for Sunday with me & I will be sure to call him on it.

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